Zbirohy Castle



The Lords of Lamberk had a castle built not far from the village called Rakousy on the left bank of the Jizera river in the mid-14th-century. The castle was situated on a high rocky headland, partly cut into the rocks and built of both stone and wood. Under the region of King Wenceslas IV it was owned together with the Hrubá Rohozec estate by Markvart of Vartenberk. The castles of this rebellious knight were conquered and Markvart was taken captive.
Later, Ota of Bergov bought the Zbirohy Castle and attached it to the Trosky estate. His son Jan left the castle and so it became the property of the rober-knights. In 1442 the castle was besieged and turned into a ruin, at present only remnants of the former walls are preserved.


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