Velis Castle



Originally a royal castle, founded by Wenceslas II. and writing for the first time featured 1316. Many changed their owners, they were as John of Luxembourg, Vartemberks, Albrecht von Wallenstein, George of Podebrad or Šliks. Since the year 1500 there were over a hundred years kept the Basel Compacts. In the late 16th century William Trčka of Lipa significant and final construction work.
Velis Castle the Thirty Years' War unsuccessfully besieged by the Swedes. The imperial order, the castle was demolished in 1658 in order not to fall into the hands of enemy troops. Although they were already ruined castle seriously disrupted, the greatest destruction occurred in the 19th century by basalt quarry, who was already in the early 17th century.

The castle has been preserved only small remnants of masonry bastions, towers and western palace, which is strongly associated with basalt foundation vaguely marked access roads and terraced south summit at which it is observational brick pillar trigonometric point.


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