Valecov Castle


The Valečov Castle was built in the early 14th century on a sandstone rock.
One part of the castle was situated in the rocks with attached wooden extensions. 

Originally, the castle was owned by the Valečov family. Later, Vaněk Valečovský of Kněžmost, a prominent counsellor of King Jiří of Poděbrady, had a new palace built at the castle. The castle had many owners, among which were also the Vančura family of Řehnice and the Kapoun family of Svojkov.
In the mid-17th-century the Valečov Castle was annexed to the estates of Mnichovo Hradiště and gradually turned into a ruin.

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Opening hours:

April  Sa - Su  9:00 - 16:00
May - August  Tu - Su  9:00 - 18:00
September - October  Sa - Su  9:00 - 16:00