Frydstejn Castle



The enormous round tower of the Frýdštejn Castle - 15 metres high, 9 metres in diameter has become the symbol of the Malá Skála region. The castle was built on a steep headland but went to rack and ruin at the end of the 16th century and at present only some of the former walls cut into the rocks are preserved. The original owners of the estate were the members of the Markvartic family, later the castle was owned by the Lords of Dražice, Bibrštejn and then by gentry of the region.

The castle is mentioned in records dating from 1385 but the castle itself was founded much earlier. In the 15th century the castle belonged to Bohouš of Kováň who had supported the Catholic Church and thus the castle was besieged in 1432 by the army of Jan Čapek of Sány. Later, the castle had several owners, was annexed to the estate of Český Dub and gradually turned into a ruin.



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