Valdstejn Castle


The Valdštejn castle is one of the oldest castles in the Bohemian Paradise.
It was founded already in the mid-13th century by the powerful Markvartic family, the Lords of Valdštejn. At that time the two small quard towers were built - Kavčiny and Kozlov - Chlum.

About 1440 it became the property of the robberknights and later of gentry. It 1514 the whole estate was held by Zikmund Smiřický. Then the Valdštejn Castle was attached to the estate of Hrubá Skála but having been damaged by fire the castle was never rebuilt after. Nowadays the attention of tourists is attracted especially by the beautiful Baroque bridge decorated with statues of saints from the 18th century - Gallery - and by the painting of John the Baptist in the local chapel which is said to be the portrait of our famous poet Karel Hynek Mácha.


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Opening hours:

April  Sa - Su  9:00 - 17:30
May - September  Mo - Su  9:00 - 17:30
October  Sa - Su  9:00 - 17:30